Ask Your Candidates if They Support allows legislators to understand the will of constituents better than they ever have before.  So, ask your candidates who they represent: you, or special interests.  Then use your vote to support those candidates who put your needs first.

Legislators Currently Endorsing eDemocracy

Larry Piegza

Larry Piegza is a Reform Party candidate for the New York 27th Congressional District.  He is the person that originally conceived of and he convinced the leadership at Gap Technologies, Inc. to create this product and offer it to every congressional district. 

Who Will Be Next?

Interested in joining the community? is an unparalleled way of showing your constituents that you take their opinions seriously and that you represent them, not special interest groups and corporate donors.

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Join the Movement is free for voters. Legislator access is offered for an affordable subscription fee that is used to fund the ongoing development of application. If you are running for Congress in 2019 and believe your  constituents should come first, please contact our Service department  at: 716-803-1120 or