How It Works is a web-based portal accessible to voters and elected officials. Voters within a district simply log in to to cast their voting preference on proposed legislation, and share any comments or observations they'd like their congressional representatives to see. Congress-people have the ability to view and respond to voter feedback and use polling results to form positions on key issues. When it comes time for elections, helps representatives demonstrate their commitment to voters by providing voting history accessible to constituents.

Built In Security and Integrity validates user identity and location to ensure the most accurate, secure data gathering and reporting possible. This is accomplished through a few key features, including:

Location based security. eDemocracy uses geolocation technology to match constituents to the correct district. Voters must access while physically present within their state in order to vote on legislation.

Identity Validation. Only active registered voters can use For security, validates users against state election voter rolls for the last 5 years.  

Multi-step authentication. Every time a vote is cast, the voter will receive an automated message to verify account activity.

Power of the People supports productive engagement between elected officials and their constituents, with key features such as:

 - Constituent polling. Voters have the ability to cast votes on legislative issues and bills

 - Voter feedback.  Constituents can share their comments and resources to shed light on issues.

 - Active engagement. Voter and politicians alike can review public comments.

Greater Transparency for Voters brings greater transparency to our  legislative process through innovative features. As a voter you can: 

  • See an analysis of your Congressperson's voting record
  • Indicate your own voting preferences
  • Suggest legislation
  • Vote on others' petitions and suggested legislation

Actionable Insights for Legislators delivers critical insight into constituent needs, helping you to hold on to voter support. As a legislator you will:

  • See your constituents' views on legislation
  • Respond to voter comments if you choose
  • Ensure greater popularity with your constituents by representing majority opinions
  • See increased engagement and voter turnout in your district

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