eDemocracy.us was founded with the intent to give citizens and legislators alike the tools they need to foster more transparent representation, and better government. In the spirit of transparency, we feel it is important to disclose the following facts about eDemocracy.us.

eDemocracy.us is a product of GAP Technologies, Inc., a privately-held corporation. Larry Piegza founded the company in 2003, and currently serves as president.  As of October 2017, Larry launched a campaign for US House of Representatives in New York's 27th District.

Therefore, Larry and Gap Technologies, Inc. agree:

1)  Larry will receive no discounts as a House of Representative candidate to use eDemocracy.us. The owner of the company is also running for Congress. In order to make sure he avoids any campaign financing conflicts of interest, he is going to pay the undiscounted price of the system if he wins.  Additionally, he is going to donate an equal amount to the charity of his choice. So, if he is elected, he promises to pay the $29,995 for the system PLUS another $29,995 each year he uses the system to a charity.  This year, The Committee to Elect Larry Piegza will pay the $4,995 application fee as well as write a $4,995 check to a charity.

2)  If elected, Larry will decline his salary from the United States Government if possible. If the government states he has to be paid, he'll pay for all of his travel to and from Washington DC, room, staff, office supplies, food, etc. expenses in Washington DC and then donate the rest to charity.

3)  If Larry is elected and if Gap Technologies, Inc. makes a profit from the eDemocracy system while Larry is in office, Gap Technologies, Inc. agrees to distribute any profits to the employees of Gap Technologies, Inc. based on the methods that Gap Technologies, Inc. already uses to distribute its bonuses.

Hopefully, the average citizen will recognize that both Larry and Gap Technologies, Inc. are doing everything they can to be helpful to the country.