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Many of today's voters feel that legislators represent special interests and party politics over their own needs. eDemocracy is striving to change that by helping everyday citizens have productive exchanges with their congressperson and Senators. Can Help!


For Voters

eDemocracy offers a range of benefits for voters, making interactions with their representatives faster, easier, and more productive. With you can monitor upcoming bills, indicate your voting preference on any legislation that you care about, and see how others voted. In this way, helps to increase civic engagement  on the part of citizens just like you. 

eDemocracy offers a range of benefits for voters, making interactions with your representatives faster, easier, and more productive: 

 - Easily track your representatives' positions on issues

 - Weigh in on the issues that are important to you

 -  See what others in your district have to say about bills and votes

 - Save time by avoiding outdated phone, faxes, and snail mail to reach your Congress-people.

For Politicians

Building voter credibility is the key to winning and maintaining your seat. But traditional modes of constituent engagement can be inefficient, leaving voters feeling as though they haven't been heard. revolutionizes constituent outreach by securely collecting voter feedback on legislative issues, and reporting voter preferences back to you in real-time. When it comes time for you to vote, you'll be prepared with key insights into the will of your constituents so that you can win their trust - and their votes. 

eDemocracy offers a range of benefits for politicians, making constituent engagement more predictable, effective, and productive:

 - Deal directly with your constituents

 - Eliminate distracting input from people outside your district

 - Get real insights into support and opposition to each legislative issue and bill

 - Evaluate constituent  priorities 

 - Evaluate and compare priorities for people outside your district

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