What is eDemocracy.us?

Speak Directly To Your Representative

Vote On Legislation

Residents in a district can read the bills their congressperson will be voting on and cast one "vote" in the direction they want their congressperson to vote.  No special interests, lobbyists, or out of district residents or corporations get a say, and no ballot box stuffing.  That means that elected officials get a clear understanding of what their constituents' needs are.  

Give Informed Opinions

Voters  will be able to comment on legislative issues and bills  and reference relevant news and information to support their opinions. Other constituents can read voter comments and leave their own opinions.

This means that voters will never have to flood congressional offices with emails, faxes and phone calls, or rally at a town hall meeting to make their voices heard. Instead, elected officials receive valid insights into voter wants and needs.  

A Virtual Town Hall

Voters will be able to ask questions and see their representatives' answers.  When important issues arise, voters can create petitions for fellow constituents to sign.  This will give legislators a clear understanding of constituent needs, even when they are in Washington. The end result is better communication  without the influence of special interest groups or vocal minorities.


We'd love to hear from you!

We'd love to hear from you!

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